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The Gold Coast will be blessed with the Surfers Paradise festival again this year. Only a few years old, this festival is the best on the Gold Coast. It is a cultural festival without being too high-brow. It has a unique Gold Coast/Surfers Paradise feel to it without dragging up tired cliches of surf and beach culture (or trying too hard to deny cliches). It is diverse and vibrant and a hell of a lot of fun.

The Surfers Paradise Festival is early this year which means you get to take advantage of the better weather.  The water is still very warm at this time of year and the sun more reliable now the wet season has passed. It’s a great time to come to the Gold Coast for a holiday and experience the Surfers Paradise Festival as a bonus.

The launch party is so huge it’s actually over two nights. The line-up of guests is amazing. It’s all free and you get to see Timomatic, Potblellez, The Black Sorrows and Mark Seymour. No doubt there’ll be fireworks too.  (This is the Gold Coast after all.)

The festival runs from the 27th March to 21st April. My highlights are the street performers competition, the One Way street festival and the A La Carte In The Park. There’s tonnes more on besides that and you’ll find things happening in Surfers Paradise almost every night and day. Get yourself up here and enjoy the fun.

Flights into the Gold Coast Airport are the easiest way to visit the Gold Coast for the Surfers Paradise Festival. As always, Black Label Transfers will be there to transport you to your accommodation. Book now to make sure we’re available.

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