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Researching your next holiday.

Planning holidays can be so overwhelming for some people that they spend so much time researching a destination or a deal that by the time they make a decision the deal is over and the dream hotel is booked out. And then they have to start again. Travel sites like Trip Advisor or are great but it is easy to get confused with the amount of information. There are a number of travel sites that make some of that decision making a little easier.

As the name suggests, these are luxury escapes. You can get some fantastic deals in 5 star resorts and boutique hotels. You can book accommodation only or flights and accommodation. Luxury Travel have a great customer service reputation and will make the booking experience easy. Unlike many online travel companies there is a phone number and you can talk to a travel expert when you need.

The Gourmet Traveller Travel  section is a wealth of information.  Search for your destination and GT will give you some fantastic tips on where to eat and  hotels to stay at and experiences to enjoy. Their advice is to pick an area and explore it thoroughly.

Sure, use Airbnb to find accommodation but it is the Experiences section that make the holiday. There are some fantastic experiences offered by locals to your destination. From walking tours to going to a football match with a local. Dumpling making classes in Hong Kong or surfing in Lisbon.

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