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There are many different airport transfer services operating out of Gold Coast and Brisbane airports and we want to highlight one big difference between us and many of our competitiors. We wont make you do the milk run.

What is the milk run?

The milk run is where you’re part of a larger group that shares the transfer service with you. The driver has to stop and pick-up each of the passengers and then has to drop each of them off in turn. If your destination is first in the queue then you’re a lucky person and you get there on time. If you’re at the end of the milk run then you can be delayed well over an hour.

Here’s the story of James, our web guy, and his trip from Brisbane airport to his home in central Gold Coast. He’d used the milk run service before with success and booked it to pick him up from Brisbane airport after a weekend in Melbourne. It all started well, the driver met him and a few others at the domestic terminal on time and loaded them and their luggage into the van. They then drove several hundred metres to the international terminal and waited there for passengers for over an hour. The passengers were held up by customs after flying in from Taiwan.

It was well after midnight before our milk run group arrived on the Gold Coast and sadly James lived at the end of that night’s milk run. It was well after 1am before he arrived at his home. The trip from the airport had taken longer than the flight. Since then James has never used that services for airport transfers.

Black Label Transfers picks you up from the airport and drops you directly to your destination. We’re always on time and we have nothing else on our minds except you, your comfort and getting you directly to your destination. Black Label Transfers ¬†allow you to relax in the knowledge that you will be picked-up on time and delivered to your destination on time.

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