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Great question and I’m so glad you asked it. A few of the storms lately have been doozys and we’ve had flights delayed. So what happens to your airport transfer when that flight is delayed? The simple answer is, we wait for your regardless. Now let’s elaborate on that.

We’re avid plane watchers. We track all flights in real time via radar. That’s part of the reason we have your flight details. We track your flight as it leaves and as it flies. We know where you are at all times. If you’re going to be delayed, either before take-off or during transit, then your airport transfer driver is going to know about it.

Secondly we keep a pretty sharp eye on the BOM radar. You have to love the technology available these days! If there is going to be a storm that might impact on the delivery of our airport transfer service then we’re going to know about it in advance. When bad weather is on the radar we start making plan Bs and making sure that we have the resources and flexibility to adjust our services. Our flight control tower reacts like the airport’s flight control tower and we adjust to the situation as it unfolds knowing that we’ve planning for this as much as possible.

We have a no what ifs or buts approach to our services. No matter what, we’re there to meet our clients. It doesn’t matter if they get delayed in then air or they sit in the terminal for 50 minutes waiting for luggage that can’t be transferred due to lightening. We know that that is part of the reason you trust Black Label Transfers for your airport transfers. You know that regardless of what hassles you’ve gone through in the air or on the ground, all that stops when you’re met by our staff and escorted to your vehicle.

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