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One of the great reasons to book Black Label Transfers for your Gold Coast or Brisbane airport transfers is because you’ve got large or bulky items, like Golf Clubs. It particularly makes sense to book with Black Label Transfers if you’re coming up as part of a golf group.

Costs of travelling with golf clubs

In general, we won’t charge any extra for golf clubs and this makes us very competitively priced. Golf groups on a Gold Coast golf holiday can book Black Label and know we”ll be there and can accommodate them and their gear without trouble. At worst if a group of three golfers wanted a pick-up and they all had clubs plus other luggage we might bump them up to the 4 passenger price range, only an extra $20. That way we can bring our fully enclosed luggage trailer and they can sit in comfort in the vehicle while their gear and gold clubs are safely stashed in the trailer.

Price Effective Golf Holidays

In terms of getting a group of golfers from the airport your only real alternative is a taxi. Taxis are hit and miss and most won’t accommodate a group in the same vehicle, not when you have golf clubs. You’d be lucky to get two golfers with golf bags and gear in one taxi. On the other hand Black Label Transfers will happily transfer 6 golfers with golf bags and other gear in a single vehicle. This makes it very cost effective to use Black Label Transfers for your Gold Coast golf holiday because even on a long trip like Gold Coast north you’ve reduced your per head cost down to just $30 each. You also get the assurance that we will be there, won’t panic about getting your gear safely to your accommodation and you can relax and chat in our spacious vehicle.

DIY Golf Holidays

Golf holidays are very popular here on the Gold Coast. There are a number of golf holiday and golf tour companies that can organize your holiday for you. However if you’re organizing your own holiday then call Black Label Transfers. We can help you with all your transport arrangements. This makes for a perfect alternative to a fully organized golf tour. A golf tour company will by necessity take a cut on all elements of your holiday, from accommodation, to transport to green fees. If you’re prepared to organize your own accommodation and golf bookings then give Black Label Transfers a call and we’ll organize all the travel for you. You can relax and enjoy your game, have a few beers after the round and be assured that we’ll be there for you every time. It’s a great way to enjoy a holiday away with your mates.

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