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With the onset of beautiful spring weather the festivals have popped up everywhere on the Gold Coast. This last weekend we had the Multi-Cultural Festival at the Evandale Parklands and the American car show at the Southport Broadwater Parklands. Perhaps the biggest festival this week was the start of the Swell Sculpture Festival, which will run all the way through to the 23rd.

The cars were pretty amazing pieces of transport but I was on my way to Evandale so didn’t stay long. The multi-cultural festival was a truly electric showcase of God Coast’s ethnic talent, from belly dancing to Brazilian dancing to NZ MCs and Flamenco dancing. Perhaps the best entertainment was had at the Thai food tent, where service was slow but entertaining. Gorgeous Thai ladies pounded spices and papaya in a mortar and pestle while breaking into dance to rest their arms.

Swell is an annual highlight. This sculpture festival now has a solid place within Gold Coast’s arts and culture. Located on the beaches at Coolangatta (about ten mins from the Gold Coast Airport) the sculpture festival attracts some of the best work from local and overseas artists. The setting is perfect for a sculpture festival and is embraced by exhibitors and viewers alike. Below are some photos from last years festival. I’ll have some from this year soon.

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