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The Gold Coast Airport is the major sponsor of the Gold Coast Marathon which will be held over the weekend 30 June to 1st of July. Included in the event are

A great many people fly into Gold Coast for the event from Australia and overseas. The Gold Coast Airport Marathon website includes travel information and notes this about airport flights:

Fly direct to the Gold Coast for this year’s Gold Coast Airport Marathon, and spend less time travelling and more time enjoying your stay. Gold Coast Airport welcomes international services from Osaka, Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore (commencing June 2012), Auckland and Christchurch. Direct flights are also available from a number of domestic destinations such as Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, Newcastle, Townsville, Cairns, Mount Isa, Hobart and Perth. Contact one of our airline partners for a great low fare: Jetstar, Virgin Australia, Tiger Airways, AirAsia X, Scoot, Air New Zealand and Airnorth.

The Gold Coast Marathon website includes information about flights and hotels but sadly when it comes to information about airport transfers the only information they include is shuttle bus. We  examined the shuttle bus here and  you’ll see from that article that the shuttle bus is not the best airport transfer option for many. If you’ve got a family or want a more assured transfer at this busy time then Black Label Transfers will be your best option. If you’re on a budget then the local bus can be as quick and efficient as the shuttle bus at about 1/3rd the price. For many the shuttle bus will be the transfer option of choice, and it’s a decent option for many, but we’d like you to be aware of the differences in service and price of the related services. I would think that if you’ve trained for and planned this trip to the Gold Coast then you would like some certainty and comfort in your airport transfer. For that reason I would strongly suggest you book with Black Label Transfers.



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