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Brisbane Airport Transfers

Brisbane Airport is located on the north side of Brisbane and is easily accessible via the Gateway Bridge. On a good run the drive from Brisbane Airport to northern Gold Coast is 50-70 minutes, however congestion on the M1 that links Gold Coast and Brisbane can be very heavy during peak hours. The airport at Brisbane is composed two terminals, one for domestic and one for international. Both terminals have a good range of shops, both food and merchandise. Duty free is available at the international terminal of Brisbane Airport.

Arriving at Brisbane Airport


When you arrive at the domestic terminal of Brisbane Airport you will move through the terminal and come down some escalators into the baggage pick-up area. We’ll be waiting right there for you to help you collect your bags and carry them to the vehicle. Our parking at the airport is located just next to the terminal so it’s only a short stroll out the main entrance to our vehicle.


We’ll be waiting for you just as you exit the customs area of Brisbane Airports international terminal. We’ll be there with our sign with your name on it ready to help you with your baggage. We have a special area to park our vehicle that is right next to the terminal.
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