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When you think of an airport shuttle service you’re probably thinking of sharing a bus with other people. You’re thinking of a service that drops each client off at their accommodation in turn. If it is then that’s not the service we offer. Black Label Transfers is a premier airport transfer services. We do one-on-one door-to-door airport transfers from Gold Coast and Brisbane airports.

Many airport shuttle services offer good value and are an important part of the transport options available from Gold Coast and Brisbane airports. Many of our clients have used those services before, some with good results. Often it is the one bad experience (late night after a long journey, bus doing loops of the Gold Coast dropping off every other client…) that turns them to us. Generally speaking though our clients are different and we’re not competing against those services. Our client’s tend to be time conscious (such as businessmen) and value aware (such as families: we can accommodate up to six people in comfort in a single vehicle, making us far cheaper than some shuttle services). Sometimes our clients will choose between us and a shuttle service as the situation depends but in general there isn’t much crossover. We’re a premier airport transfer service and our return business is a big part of our success.

When compared with a shuttle bus service we can offer great value. We don’t charge per head so costs can be quite reasonable for groups or families. Our Tarago vans can hold up to six people in comfort. We have an enclosed pod trailer we use for larger groups, keeping your baggage safe and secure during your airport transfer. The cost for transporting 6 people from Brisbane airport to a destination in central Gold Coast is $180. That’s going to be hard to beat by an airport shuttle service, most of whom charge at $35+ per head. And even if costs are comparable then the service certainly is not. We’re not in the same market as airport shuttle bus services but it’s interesting to note that under some conditions we’re comparable on price.

We sometimes refer to the shuttle bus as the milk run. It might be a bit unkindly disparaging of a service that has a welcome place in the Gold Coast and Brisbane airport transfer services. It does service to highlight though the difference between what we do and what they provide. Our personalized service meets you at the gate, helps you with your luggage, provides videos for the children, fresh drinks and mints…and transports your directly to your accommodation. If this sounds like the kind of service you’re after then please call us on 1300 255 522.

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